Interesting Google Local Study Based on Over 100,000 URLs


Jul 22, 2012
Nothing earth shattering here really but you can't deny the glimpses into the algo that big data can give you. I found it interesting that small businesses outranking huge companies was a major finding. While it can definitely happen it seems that most small companies are still trying to figure out how to battle big brands.

What We Learned About Google?s Local Results From Analyzing 119,221 URLs

We went into the study with an open mind. Our goal wasn?t to prove anything, but rather to observe how the algorithm responded based on different locations and queries.
Neil's posts usually have tons of little nuggets of wisdom. Did you glean anything interesting from this research or is it just more of the same Local SEO chatter?

Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
Thanks so much for sharing Michael as I'd missed that one.
Look forward to reading!

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