Is there a way to tell if someone is 301 redirecting to your site.


Oct 10, 2015
If someone wanted to do a negative seo campaign against you by 301 redirected a penalized domain to your domain is there a way to tell ?

Margaret Ornsby

Local Search Expert
Jul 22, 2013
Hi Jim

A few ways I can think of to check:
1) Referrals in Google Analytics
2) 3rd party tools (such as Majestic) that disclose inbound links
3) Links to Your Site report in Search Console
4) the "link:" command in the search box
5) Crawl the suspected domain (if you know it) with a tool (such as Screaming Frog) and see what outbound links the domain has.

1 - the redirecting page becomes the landing page's referrer.

3 & 4 -

SC is known to only sample, 3rd party backlink tools may take a while to update.

By the time you do all of those, you should have a good feel. Not guaranteed, but a pretty good feel.

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