Is there anything you can do about competitors having fake reviews?

Oct 9, 2019
We have a competitor that suddenly has a ton of 5-star reviews in the past week (over 20), we assume they were bought or something because they all use the same language in the reviews. Not to mention the timing of it all...

Is there anything we can do about this? I know there isn't anything in the redressal form on reviews.

Perhaps reporting the user for spamming reviews across various businesses? I would love to hear what anyone has done or if they've seen success doing anything. Or if it's just something we have to live with.


Colan Nielsen

LocalU Faculty
Jul 19, 2012
Hi @sixthcitysarah GMB support on social is the most effective place to report multiple fake reviews. Compile all of the evidence into a document and send it to GMB on Twitter or Facebook.

I'd also take a look at the businesses website to see if they are running a review contest and/or review gating.

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