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Feb 9, 2018
I have read that having keywords in reviews will help you. So I am wondering how to go about getting that?

I am a small residential electrician, I serve about 15 local towns. I have 30 reviews on Google and 16 on Yelp, 10 show, 5 of the 6 hidden at 5 star. All unquie and real reviews.

A lot of the reviews say that I am professional and good stuff about me, but very few of them talk about the work.

Should I ask for people to mention what we did? Car chargers, generator installations, panel upgrades, recessed lights, things like that? Or mention their town?

How else would I go about getting keywords into the reviews?
Mar 15, 2016
If you're actively generating reviews with email and text requests, a simple prompt in your request is really effective.

It's also helpful to contextualize it that writing about specific aspects of your service will help other customers understand the value of what you offer.

You don't want the email to be very long, but asking them to share about a specific part of your service and then linking to the review site will generate more keywords in the review (about what you're trying to focus on).

Phil Rozek

Local Search Expert
Jul 26, 2012
@Ampere, what @Garrett Sussman said. Prompts are good. They can be pretty smooth, too, as in "If possible, please go into a little detail about why you wanted us to install a car charging station."

I've found the best way to encourage "keywords" is just to encourage detail and longer reviews in general. Part of that involves not promising customers "It'll take only 3 minutes!" (Tell them you appreciate as much detail as they can go into.) It's also a matter of asking them once in-person, right after you're done with the job, just to plant the seed, and then following up later. People you ask on the spot for a review usually aren't in a position to write one, or they'll just dash off a one-liner. If a little more time has passed they're in a better position to go into detail.

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