Landing pages vs Micro site


Feb 6, 2019
So we have a fairly large client that covers lots of cities, they have lots of Google Ads campaigns, groups and landing pages.
When we started to create Sitelinks extensions(about us, contact us, etc) to go to their main site (which doesn't convert well),
It occurred to use that maybe we should create new pages for About, Contact, etc in the landing page area.
So if we do that, we are effectively creating a micro site once they all get linked together.
Which i don't think is such a bad idea, but wondered what others thought or if anyone else has experience with creating a micro site for just Google Ads?


Eric Rohrback

Oct 3, 2012
Don't run paid traffic to a site that can't convert. Either fix the main site's conversion problem or don't put sitelinks to those pages. Check your extension reports to see what percentage of clicks are going to the sitelinks. You'd be better off creating another landing page that converts better but still gives the same info the user is looking for (add an about section to a landing page that could covert).

If we're only talking about paid ads, then the traffic never actually needs to go to the main site. It could all be landing pages through a builder like Unbounce or Leadpages.

Strategy all depends on the client industry & needs though. If the client's site can't convert well and you're not getting paid to fix that conversion problem, then i'd probably opt to send traffic to a subdomain built up with a landing page builder like one I mentioned above.

When we look at paid traffic strategies, it's all about getting that traffic to convert. If you're paying to send people to a page that can't convert, then you just wasted that spend.

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