Large construction company has campus with multiple divisions

Rich Owings

Local Search Expert
Apr 21, 2014
Wow, did I ever inherit a mess. Here's the situation... A large construction company, which I'll call Acme, has the following:
  • 12 listings in their GMB dash (I've identified five as dupes)
  • At least two others not in their GMB dash
  • They have several divisions which don't appear to be independent corporations (Acme Plumbing, Acme Heating & Cooling, Acme Solar, Acme Constructors, Acme Electric, etc.)
  • They use three addresses that are adjacent to each other
  • They all use the same phone number and generally link to the same website from their GMB listing
What would you do? Are they eligible for separate listings? Could I list them as departments?

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