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Mar 4, 2013

Hope this is the right place to ask this but our listings are illustrating 0 actions and most of their impressions have also seemed to start from 0. One example the impressions in January was 204 and actions 35 and in February dropped to 16 impressions and 0 actions.
Has this been experienced by anyone else?
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Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
Hi Delwin,

Welcome and thanks for posting.

This is the right place for a general discussion, but if we get more in-depth on this particular listing then I may move it down to the help section.

With the limited info you gave here is what I can tell you...

1st of all Places analytics are pretty hit and miss and I seldom even look at them. They are often buggy so that could be the case here. So if you are still ranking and listing is live and working right, I would not worry too much about the stats.

I'd 1st check to be sure the listing is working right. If you click view from dashboard does it go to the right listing?

Next I'd check to see if the ranking dropped. If it has there are many many reasons that could have happened and we'd need to investigate further.

If you care to post a link and give us more history and let us know if there was a major rank drop and give us one primary key phrase, I'll move this down to help and we can investigate in more detail.
Mar 4, 2013
Hi Linda,

Thanks for your prompt response.
The listings are working correctly, clicking on the dashboard takes us to the correct listing.
We have brands with multiple locations that we upload and monitor and have software to monitor the rankings but the listings can fluctuate consistently.
One of the brands has been effected quite drastically with the values in the analytics and we use these to report back to the various brands. I have also noticed that alot of the other ones Actions have reduced to 0 when last month they were over 100?
What could you recommend as this is not just for one listing but for multiple locations?
We did change the categories slightly and shuffled the pictures around and that was the only notable changes we have made recently.

Any help in this regard would be appreciated.


Colan Nielsen

Jul 19, 2012
I'm noticing quite a few listings with 0 actions as well. My senses tell me it's a result of some movement going on behind the scenes with the Places dashboard. Upgrades, tweaks...etc.
Mar 4, 2013

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