Local Niche Backlink Sites - A How To?


Sep 29, 2015
I've got some people working for me doing various tasks and I want to have one of them help me find candidate sites for backlinks that are geographic relevant aside from of course the business directory cites. These would be Business Directories that only focus on a local niche, Chamber of Commerce sites, Community Blogs, etc etc, you get the drill.

I was going to write up procedures for discovering these sites but was hoping maybe someone already has done this. I'm not talking an article on SEO or Local SEO in general that devotes a paragraph or two to explain why this is important, but more a detailed technique, what tools work best, etc, THE PROCESS that I can hand off to someone with little SEO expertise, or to someone that has SEO Expertise but isn't very well versed in the processes for LOCAL SEO.

A Google Search so far hasn't turned up much that looks promising.