Local Search Dream Team ? Tips, Tools & Predictions

Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
Just found a great post over at SEO.com I wanted to share with readers here:

Local Search Dream Team – Tips, Tools & Predictions

In addition to the infamous Panda and Penguin updates, locally-focused business are going through a lot with constant changes to Google Places (now Google+ Local). Not only is the platform often broken, leaving very little support to small businesses, the local search industry is quickly growing and evolving. The majority of local businesses don’t have the time, patience or experience to keep up.

Fortunately for small businesses and those interested in local search, some of the most talented SEOs in the industry share their thoughts and findings through their blogs and social media outlets.
Bryan Phelps, the author goes on to present the "Local Search Dream Team" 5 of our local search industry leaders (can you guess who they are?) and each of them shares some tips, tricks, tools or insights about Local Search.

Great stuff in here!
What do you guys think?

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