Local SEO Strategy: Find Out what They Want and Give it To Them - 5 Ways (SEland)

Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
I have a saying about the Google Local algo: "Find out what she likes and GIVE it to her!"

The same thing applies to customers: "Find out what they want and give it to them!"

<a href="http://searchengineland.com/5-ways-use-consumers-want-boost-local-seo-strategy-225114">5 Ways To Use What Consumers Want To Boost Local SEO Strategy</a>

Local businesses have unique competitive advantages over larger brands, and columnist Wesley Young analyzes a study by Yodle to find ways to leverage them into an effective search strategy.

Yodle found that 82% of US consumers use local businesses, and that they use them more than national chains. More importantly, 47% of consumers stated that they used local businesses more this year than last year, and 48% planned to use local businesses even more over the next 12 months. Virtually no one expressed that they would use local businesses less (1?2%).

This growth in consumer dollars spent locally is a huge opportunity for marketers to help small business. Yodle?s data on what consumers want from local businesses is key to understanding how to take advantage of this opportunity and market in a way that distinguishes local businesses in their areas of strength.
Head over to read the rest and see some of the great stats and graphs Wesley highlights from the Yodle report: <a href="http://www.yodle.com/m/consumersurvey">Yodle Consumer Survey</a>

What do you think???

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