Map Maker, Hidden Address and Do Not Support

Feb 5, 2013
Ok guys, so it had been a busy couple of weeks acquiring a new client and I have been out of the loop. I received an email today from a client asking about the map on his contact page and why the pin marker had moved.

2013-04-08 04.16.58 pm.png

From there I went to MapMaker to see if any edits had been made b/c on 3/7/13 this client emailed me with some questions regarding MapMaker. These are the screenshots from that day.
2013-03-07 04.44.59 pm-1.png
And this is what I found today on MapMaker 4/8/13.
2013-04-08 03.24.21 pm.jpg
I am confused by a couple of things here. It says that the listing was deleted on owners request and there is a new label associated with his listing. We did not receive an email from Map Maker thanking us for any edits on that day. "SpaceMan Medical Cabinetry" is a listing that was deleted a long time ago (WE THOUGHT). The correct label for SpaceMan Home & Office is still there. Sooo, I came to the forum to see if anyone else had a similar issue and if it had been resolved. I read about the BUG Warning on 3/19/13 and then went to check the listing in Google Places dashboard.
2013-04-08 03.17.00 pm.png
Sure enough when I went to view the listing on Google the location was no longer supported (which explained a deleted listing on 3/19) and the address IS and HAS BEEN hidden.

I understand that the bug hit my clients listing and thats why the location is not supported but I don't understand the MapMaker screenshots. Has anyone experienced this with the bug?

I'm freakin' out maaaan:confused::(:mad:

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Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
Amber this is a complicated problem on one specific client so cannot be in hidden address bug thread. Being in help will get eyes on this client's problems and your issues won't get mixed with with everyone else's in the big bug thread.

I don't have time to help - Family medical emergency and trying to leave town.

But I don't think this is hidden address bug. None of those got deleted or got do not support. This is something else I suspect. Hopefully MM experts or other pros can help you.
Feb 5, 2013
Ok, thanks Linda.

The date that the listing was deleted on Map Maker was around the same time I saw that threads were posted about the bug but this issue seems a bit more complicated.
Feb 5, 2013
Yes, after some prodding we found out it was claimed with an old gmail account.

Also, viewed the correct listing from its separate Places account and it no longer takes me to a "location not supported page" and straight to the G+ Local page. The only issue now is that MM is not showing the correct listing with the pin drop.

Sooooo, I removed that wrong listing from the old account and found it's G+ Local page, reported a problem, marked it as closed, and gave the correct business information along with the G+ URL and CID.

Do I need to add the correct listing back to MM now? Or should I give it some time?

When I search for it on MM this is what I get-
2013-04-11 SpaceMan search on MM.png

The label for the correct listing no longer appears.
2013-04-11 SpaceMan label missing on MM.png

Thanks Colan!

Feb 5, 2013
Sooo, a lot has happened.


First, I was denied :mad:

2013-04-16 01.22.26 pm.png

Following up on Map Maker I found this-
2013-04-15 11.02.40 am.jpg

and then
2013-04-15 SpaceMan listing created by Google.jpg

& then today, 4/16/13

2013-04-16 01.14.37 pm.png

But when I click on 'B' listing it is still just as bare as it was yesterday and the original listing, 'A', no longer shows up on Map Maker or the Clients contact us page.

This is my first time having a client's listing go through a situation like this so I am a little hesitant on which direction to go first. :confused:

Does anyone know of a thread, with a similar situation, that I can read?


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