Maps No Longer Showing Full Address/Driving Directions


Nov 13, 2014
Recently, one of our employees mentioned that he was needing driving directions to a location and when he tried to search for our business on Google Maps, our business didn't show up. When I did some investigating, our "place" doesn't appear on the map anymore. This is a new change, as in within the last month or so.

Here is the link to our business on Google Maps:

Google is only showing the city, state and ZIP for our business. I've checked our GMB listing and we're not a SAB, so we should be good there. Our schema markup on our site has us as a Local Business. I'm not sure where else I should be looking.

The way Google has us now, using Google Maps on my phone, I can't get driving directions to our business without already knowing the address.

I'm confused as to how this happened. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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