Maps Results Moving Down The Page? Anyone Else Seeing This ?

Caroline S

May 3, 2019
Hello All,

Recently, after doing some manual rank checking for a few businesses in different areas and different industries, occasionally I would see a SERP where the maps results came up after a few organic results. For some perspective, I'm searching using Google Incognito, for businesses across the US and various different home service businesses that are both SA and or have a location people can visit. In most searches, the maps results are being pushed below the #1 organic, but for some of them, they are showing up halfway down the page, below position 5 or 6! It's happened enough times in the past week or so that I'm wondering if Google is testing out something new here. Has anyone else seen this, or know anything about it?

See attached screen shots for more of the search results.

Swamp Cooler Sales Redding CA - Maps After Position 5.PNG
Commercial Security Nashville TN - Maps After Position 6.PNG

Chimney Leak Ashville NC - Maps After Position 1.PNG
Hearth Appliances Milwaukee - Maps below posistion 1.PNG

Masonry Repair Montgomery County MD - Maps after position 1.PNG

Tony Wang

Oct 13, 2014
I just tried to duplicate your results for the first example and I see the local pack at the top, as usual. Just curious, exactly how are you searching, are you using your regular google search with incognito? Or using something like Bright Local's tool?

Also, for each search, are you closing your browser and starting a new one? If you search multiple times in the same instance, it's possible for Google to change the results based on your actions, e.g., clicks.

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