MATT CUTTS: Discusses 404 and 410 errors and how Google deals with them.

Aug 7, 2013
We all have to deal with 404 errors. Matt covers 404 and 410 errors and how to use them.

Google?s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, posted a video today explaining the difference in how Google handles 404 and 410 error status codes.
Both 404 and 410s are errors for a web page or document not being available, however a 410 is defined as ?gone? forever. So 410s are more of an explicit response from the server telling you a page is really gone.
Google handles them slightly differently. With a 404, and some of the other 4xx status codes, Google will ?protect? the page and not mark it as removed for about 24 hours. With a 410 status code, Google will mark the page as gone as soon as the error is noticed by GoogleBot.