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Feb 29, 2020
Hello Hello,

We have been battling the “Maximum number of listings per account” issue for quite some time now (the issue began late summer 2019). I have attached the screenshot of the page that Google redirects us to once we exceed our creation limit for the day. While this creation limit does not have a concrete number, based on our local department experience and similar concerns on the forums, the number is honing in around 10-12 creations per account regardless of Gsuite, agency, detached or personal accounts.

Google’s “Manage the limit” suggestions on the Max listings page suggests removing listings created prior to October 2017, we have done this and we still receive this message after exceeding our creation limit. The same goes for the “Remove listings from your account” suggestion as we are receiving this message on brand new accounts after reaching the creation limit. The only work-around that we have been able to utilize effectively is to create the listings in a separate account and then invite our agency account as a user on the newly created listings.

While this work-around has proven effective, the issue is that we are burning through accounts, which is leaving us wondering where the final limit will be? We are resorting to using old foursquare accounts now as almost all other accounts have been compromised… it’s gotten bad.

I have also contacted Google using the Organization Accounts support form in order to try to reach out to Google myself. Sadly, the forums have gone silent as there seems to be no clear answer to this issue.

Maximum number of listings per account - Google My Business Help.png

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