Mike Blumenthal Talks Links and Google+ Local

Jul 23, 2012
Hi Everybody,

In case you haven't read it yet, check out Mike Blumenthal's new post on the topic of whether it is worthwhile to build links to Google+ pages :

Should You Do Linkbuilding to Your G+ Page for Local? | Understanding Google Places & Local Search

The question of whether you should go out and put time, money and effort into ?link building? to your Google + Page, really seems like a question that distracts from the task at hand, marketing your business to an appropriate audience. It isn?t all that hard to get your Plus page to show on the front page for a brand search for your company. That hardly seems to be an effort that creates significant benefit to your business unless you are using the tactic to push unsavory results from the front page of Google.
I had suggested to Mike that he might want to return to this subject and update a piece he had written prior to the big rollout of +. Things have changed and I found his post to be really worth reading. Hope you will, too!

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