Mini Knowledge Graph History Lesson

Oct 25, 2013
Tim Capper put together a great little overview of the evolution of the knowledge panel for anyone that's interested in such things. He organized it from newest to oldest, so you may want to read it from the bottom up.

Evolution of Google's Knowledge Info Panel - Online Ownership

No huge take-aways in terms of best practices, the main thing that's interesting to me is seeing the increasingly mixed bag of sources that Google uses to construct what it knows. Describing the current iteration:

This knowledge panel for Harrods combines sections from the knowledge graph: Wiki description, founder, founded, CEO and parent organisation.

Popular times are extracted from users mobile phone location, that have opted in to sharing their location data.

Send to your phone is extracted from Google Maps direction and Maps app which you have to be signed in for.

Social profiles extracted from knowledge graph and or using schema SameAs from website structured markup.


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Mar 7, 2016
Nice add James, I am a big fan of SEOPressor as a WP plugin, their blog is pretty informative. Here's some instructions for Knowledge Graph to add to the conversation.

While you?ll never be able to completely control what a Knowledge Graph will display about your company, you certainly can influence it. The following are some of the best ways to get information about your company on the right place to make it easier for Google to recognize your business as an entity and generate a Knowledge Graph panel for you

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