"More about [business]" dropdown in local knowledge panel: new?

Phil Rozek

Local Search Expert
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Jul 26, 2012
Anyone seen this mini-accordion feature in the KP?


Not much functionality (yet?). If you click "More" you see the business's Q&A. If you click "Less" the Q&A section is hidden once more. That seems to be the only action. In any case, you have to scroll up to see whatever you wanted to see more of. Pretty lame.

I've only been able to pull it up for a few businesses so far. It's showing very sporadically, for reasons unclear to me. It shows for verified and unverified listings alike. It's showing for GMB pages in a range of industries, too. It also shows up for small, local businesses, and for the Rockefeller Centers of the world (rockefeller center - Google Search)

I wouldn't be too surprised if this ties in with Google's monetization plan innocent survey with honest questions. My guess is Google just wants to see who clicks. It's a ball of yarn for us to whack around.

Martin Briggs

Nov 12, 2015
I saw it at least a couple of months ago. In those instances, the feature it revealed was popular times. I can't seem to trigger it on the same few listings I did previously.

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