Moved my business and listing got suspended. Why?


Sep 3, 2017
So we are in the process of moving our business. The location of the new business was vacant property and is a house and business. The business building got completed last week so I figured I'd get the address changed for the business. I changed the address on the website and other citations like BBB and Angie's list. Went on Google my business page and did a change of address. It said it would mail a card and I receieved it today. Went to Google my business and entered the code and it immediately said my listing was suspended. I'm not sure why it got suspended. I did request for reinstatement but haven't heard anything back yet. Been reading the guidelines on the GMB and can't figure out anything that I've violated. Can anyone help me out with this? It's taking me years to get the reviews for this business and I'd hate to lose them all.