Multiple Businesses with Same Phone Number & Address - Change One?


Jul 25, 2012

I have a client with 2 unique businesses that are listed on various IYPs & data aggregators using the same address and the same phone number.

What are your opinions on suggesting to the client that we use a unique phone number for each business?

The businesses are not related to each other. I was hoping that this would provide more clear citations to the search engines and help to separate the businesses in the IYPs.

Currently both businesses are listed with InfoGroup (with an incorrect address), both businesses are listed with Localeze (with correct address), and only 1 of the businesses is listed in Acxiom (correct address).

Would it make sense, in this case, to change the phone number of one of the businesses with these three data aggregators and attempt to have the updated NAP propagate down to the IYP sites? Or would you advise, in this specific case, to not change the phone number for either business (and why?)


Russ Offord

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