My rivals violate all Google guideline rules but Google doesn't do anything..


Sep 30, 2019
I flagged many many times google dont do anything. Many of my rivals use small keywords in front of their name. For example, Istanbul Boşanma Avukatı (means Istanbul Divorce Lawyer) Other buy fake reviews. I am a Turkish lawyer and operating business in a small Turkish city. Our customers rarely comment to google page and one young lawyer has +80 reviews. He keep buying reviews evey monday.
Do you think Google dont care markets like Turkey?
Dec 7, 2017
@yigitc I was in Turkey earlier this year and it did seem like there was a higher propensity for spammy GMB practices but that could also just be anecdotal. Lawyer listings are commonly spammed regardless of where you're located.

Colan's tip regarding the redressal form is a great start but it sounds like you could be more proactive about asking your own clients for reviews as well.

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