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Mar 20, 2019
Lists on Google Maps are the easiest way to share recommendations of places you love, and now you can earn 10 points for each list you create and make public. Plus: Earn 5 bonus points for helpful details, like a description of your list theme, and notes about each place. Tips below!

How to create a list worth 15 points (or more!)
You’ll earn 10 points for a public list and 5 bonus points for a description. Add notes about each place for an extra 5 bonus points each.
1 Open your Google Maps app Menu > Your places > Saved
2 Tap Add to start a new list
3 Give your list a clear name, add a helpful description, and tap Save
4 Open the list and add at least 4 places
5 Make sure your list is public
6 Add notes about the places in your list for an additional 5 bonus points each