New Google Useragent google-speakr


Jun 28, 2012
New Google Useragent google-speakr?
Search Engine Roundtable
Feb 5, 2019

Some folks are seeing a new useragent in their log files named google-speakr. The for that useragent, at least during accessing the sites is which resolves to Google. SEOs and webmasters are asking if this is some sort of Google Assistant or Home crawler or something else? ....

@dannysullivan responds:

That's an useragent used when Google Go fetches a page to make sure it has the most up-to-date information before it translates it to read aloud. We'll see about adding documentation. More info here: Make Google read it
In response to this question:

If your site is not getting crawled by Google-Speakr does that mean its not speaker friendly?
John Mu replied, "No."


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