New Link to Claim or Manage Google+ Local Listing from Search Results

Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
Jade shared a minor update with us yesterday and Colan poked me about it too, but I did not have time to post.

Basically if a business searches for their business and then views the right side knowledge graph, there is a link at the very bottom that asks if they are the owner. Then if they click link they can claim or manage listing from there.

Jade Wrote: New link to manage business listing from search

Managing your business’s presence on Google is now easier and more accessible. Now, when you search for your business on Google, under right-hand-side panel, there’s a link that says Are you the business owner? Clicking on this will direct you to become the verified owner of this business on Google Places for Business, or to manage the page for your business if you’ve already done so.

It’s easier than ever for business owner to begin the verification process, right from searching for your business on Google.
See it at bottom of the screenshot.


I don't recommend consultants claim or manage this way. And for business owners I don't think they should go in this door to manage either. I've explained in the past how clicking "manage listing" right on the live page can cause problems and unintended consequences.

I recommend always going in the "back door" to manage a listing by logging directly into your Places dashboard for that account.

However I think this is good and designed to help business owners find a doorway in who have not claimed or don't remember how to log in.