New "Products" Section for Google My Business?

Oct 17, 2018
@Cordell Crowley any update on this?

Nice catch on Pointy - Be Found Locally guys.

Looks like a POS system for you if you don't have the Products (Beta) option.
We've set up some of our clients with some different catalogues in the Products (Beta), but it's hard to tell if there is any ROI on it. It does add some visual flair to the knowledge panel though.

They also recently started showing up on the knowledge panel for desktop (was previously mobile-only) as seen on this one:

Every product we added to the Products (Beta) catalogue shows up here on both desktop and mobile, and can be viewed by swiping left and right.

Interesting Note: None of the products from the "Product Posts" show up here- only what's explicitly been entered in the Beta section.

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