New Service to Help Correct Malicious Edits on Google My Business Listings


Jul 18, 2012
Steady Demand has a new service for businesses who are looking for help monitoring and protecting listing changes from competitors to their Google My Business listings. They monitor for changes and make sure to correct them.

It also also designed to help businesses who are prone to get suspensions and they'll help you file for reinstatement at a reduced rate (They currently have a 100% success rate). Also, if you are not in compliance, Ben will work with you to bring you in compliance with GMB guidelines.

Do you have questions for Ben about this new service? Please post them here.

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Mar 19, 2017
I cannot believe how easy it is to edit public listings.

A local business here where I live recently closed, so I marked the business as "closed" on Google Maps. The edit i made did not even go for review in some kind of moderation queue.

My edit was live within seconds and the listing was removed. Granted, it was correctly removed, but the fact it happened so quickly shows me it could just as easily been a competitor taking out a rival.

I tested my theory and marked another business as "closed" on Saturday. Sure enough, my edit was instant. I wait a while to see if it really was live. I even logged out of my Google account to be doubly sure.

Shocking. Naturally, I rectified my edit, but for a brief moment, I realised how delicate this Google local business ecosystem really is.

I immediately went and checked my own listing to make sure everything was as it should be. Some business owners never look at their Google listings, nevermind their GMB dashboard, and yet the phone could be ringing much less if this kind of thing goes on.
May 21, 2013
Ben Fisher successfully helped me with a slightly different issue, a client whose GMB had been verified by postcard PIN but was languishing in "pending" status for over 5 weeks, despite the fact that it was supposed to be visible within 3 days. Despite my best efforts in terms of contacting Google by phone and email, I was unable to resolve the issue. The folks in India that I spoke with kept saying that it was a technical problem and that they had "elevated the issue to their engineers." Needless to say, my client was not happy and assumed I was doing something wrong. Ben was able to solve the problem for me very quickly. If you are experiencing any issues with a GMB suspension or listing in "pending" status, I highly recommend that you work with Ben. Better yet, use Ben's GMB Listing Assurance Program to monitor for and fend off problems in the first place.