New start-up with 1 corporate headquarters that works with licensed professionals around the country?


Mar 3, 2019
Hi there,

I have a client who runs a network of licensed massage therapists (who already run their own personal businesses and have their own personal GMB SAB pages) all around the country. You can use this company to hire massage therapists in basically any zip code in the U.S. The company only has one real physical location though, a corporate headquarters in NYC.

Is there any chance this company can obtain GMB listings (and rankings) around the country without storefronts? Can massage therapists count as practitioners in this situation?

Thanks for your help!

(Joy, I just asked you this on Twitter but wanted the chance to elaborate a bit more. This is a relatively new type of business model and we'd like to know what our options are.)

Phil Rozek

Local Search Expert
Jul 26, 2012
@LilyRayNYC, your client isn't eligible for any GMB pages (besides the one for its corporate HQ), for better or for worse. Wouldn't be eligible even if the therapists didn't have their own GMB pages already, but given that they do, the company's having additional GMB pages could create problems for the therapists.

Your best bet is to focus on organic visibility, perhaps with a "Find licensed massage therapists in [city]" angle on your client's site.

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