No luck with sorting duplicate Google + Local listings - any ideas?


Apr 3, 2013
LINK to G+ Local Page (Places):

Name, address, phone (as listed in dashboard):

Jasmine Court Motel
78 Wellington Street
Marlborough 7220
Ph: 03 573 7110

Verification date: 2008

Duplicate listings from 2 different sources are displayed in SERPS (see screenshot attached). We only want the correct one kept especially as we also want to set up a Google + Business Page and start using this.

1/ Jasmine Court Motel set up under their Google Account. This listing was fully set up and owner verified back in 2008.

2/ Jasmine Court Travellers Inn ? from another source ie Finda directory. I have updated their listing in this directory so it is using the exact same name (ie Motel) now but this hasn?t changed anything in Google Places.

How do we sort this out with Google once and for all so there is only one Google + Local listing for Jasmine Court Motel ie the one under their account that we / they can manage?

Related History:
Business changed their name in 2012 (from Travellers Inn to Motel) ? I updated their business name in their Places dashboard June 2012. No problems with this.

I have sent various messages to Google advising there are duplicate listings for the same property and asking them to delete the 2nd listing using the Feedback form from the correct listing.
Seems Google has done something recently as most of the listing information has now disappeared from their correct listing under their account ? only 58% complete! Eg no description, business hours, photos etc anymore but this was all set up several years ago.

The listing from Finda appears to have all the correct information and photos instead now.

Would really appreciate your help with the correct steps to take to get duplicate listings sorted properly by Google as Ive got several other clients with similar issues.

Many thanks.


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