Open PDF attachments in your browser or default PDF app


Jun 28, 2012
An addon from AndyB at XF2 Addons (we use quite a few of his excellent addons here):

By default XenForo requires PDF attachments to be downloaded before you can view them. This add-on changes this default behavior so that PDF attachments open directly in the browser when they are clicked.
I looked around my computer for a PDF to use as an example and this was the first local search-related one I found, from @timcapper, the Local SEO Checklist.

You can see it below the post as an attachment to this post.

As AndyB says, normally you would have to download this to read it. But with his addon you can just click on the attachment at the bottom of the post to read it immediately.

Depending on your browser settings, you may see one of the following (typically these can be set to your liking in your browser options):

  1. it may simply open the PDF in a new tab in the browser (where you will also have the option to save it); or
  2. it may show a tab offering to open it in the browser, or view it, or save it.
  1. you will, depending on your settings, probably see a popup asking where you want to save the file - if so, change your browser options for the PDF filetype to either "Ask
  2. every time" or select the app you want it to open in;
  3. or the popup may offering the options to either save it or view it in your default PDF app -see #1 to change this behavior.
  1. on my desktop, at least, it operates the same as Chrome (see above).


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