Optimizing Images For GMB - Things Have Changed

Mar 12, 2020
I have heard the case for and against optimizing images before adding to GMB and wanted to share my findings.

I have done quite a bit of image optimization in the past because when I would download an image from a GMB listing and check it, the image would still contain all of the EXIF & GPS data. But that was then and this is now. Whether or not Google ignored that info or not is a different story.
Now when I look at GMB images I find that all of that data has been stripped out. It was still there a few months ago.
I used the Image Downloader Chrome extension. to grab these.

Some file names are still intact and others have been named to "download" or a date. Copyright and Author fields are still intact.

EXIF of an image I just downloaded from GMB today for reference.



Local Search Expert
LocalU Faculty
Jul 27, 2017
Google strips out all exf data from photos when added to GMB. The user’s profiles are set to noindex too. I have seen studies where this principal was tested at great lengths and had zero impact on the rankings. I have never seen any data to support this as a ranking factor.

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