Practitioner page consistently outranking main biz page despite being less optimized


Mar 3, 2019
Someone created an individual practitioner GMB for my client, a family-run chiropractor business. Now the individual page outranks the biz page for all branded queries, despite having less content and fewer reviews. The main page has almost 10x more reviews than the practitioner page!

Here are the URLs if you want to look:

Business page - Google Maps
Practitioner page - Google Maps

Could it have something to do with the addresses being slightly off from one another? Any other ideas?


LocalU Faculty
Jul 18, 2012
Hey Lily,

I'd do 3 things. First, change the category on Jessica's listing to just "doctor". This should help weaken it. Don't use the chiropractor category at all.

Second, don't link it to the about page. I'd create a page all about Jessica on that site that is optimized for her name. Usually the about us page is optimized for the name of the practice so it's probably helping the relevance.

Third, add a relation (also known as the "located in" feature) to Jessica's listing to say that she works for the practice. Instructions on how to add the located in feature are here.

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