Proof Google+ is not Dead and One More Reason to Post

Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
Wouldn't it be cool if Google automatically sent an email to your followers encouraging them to go back and read your G+ posts??? Looks like they may be starting to.

Jen shares a screenshot of email a user got, then said:
<a href="">Google+ Sending Reminder Emails to Users About Missed Posts - The SEM Post</a>

Clearly, it is encouraging him to return to Google+ and see what he missed.

It also highlights the post Google+ thinks he might enjoy, along with share activity for the post on Google+.

It also makes the point that Google+ must not be nearly dead, otherwise they wouldn’t be utilizing these types of email campaigns in order to encourage users to check back into Google+ to see what they have missed.
Appears to be a test, but could roll out.

Thanks Jen!

What do you think? Have you gotten any of these yet???
Mar 25, 2014
No emails received as yet, but then I'm on Google+ nearly every day so they probably figure I don't miss too many posts!

Will check with some of my friends, who use G+ a lot less often, and see if they've received any such emails.

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