Question for Darren at Whitespark

Tyson Downs

Jul 29, 2013

I was reading this article: 5 Ways To Rank Outside Of Your Physical Location In Google Places

and you mentioned placing 'areas served' in the menu as opposed to the footer. Do you still think this is a best practice?

I noticed that Andrew on his site for those city specific pages he doesn't have them in the menubar, and few other sites I ran across put theirs in their footer:

Austin SEO Company | TastyPlacement
Houston Orthodontist | Braces and Invisalign | Advance Orthodontics

Just wondering your thoughts on this, if they are still the same?

I am thinking if we put Areas Served and then make a city specific landing type page for that city, then it could potentially give the impression that this is the only area that we serve, while in actuality we could serve 100+ areas. Make sense?


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