Ranking Puzzle or Hot Tip? Blogspot for Google+ Local Sites?

Jun 28, 2012
Have a ranking puzzle or actually could 'POSSIBLY BE' a hot tip. (Worth exploring/researching at least!)

I was planning to do more research and flush this post out a bit, but Colan's post today made me feel the need to just put this out there, unfinished. So will give you what I have so far, and then we can make further research about this a little group ranking puzzle project.

But I've been seeing some #1 ranking listings in some pretty competitive markets that are using...
wait for it... Blogspot.

Kinda makes me think Google likes to favor her own sites in the search results.
Wait, where have I heard that before???

Below are a couple of the ugliest sites you've ever seen. These sites could seriously win the ugliest sites from 2003 awards. Spammy as heck too!


The guy above has the TOP 4 SPOTS for "Las Vegas Power Windows Repairs Service' and 2 of the 4 top spots are the same Blogspot site as above! Check rankings below.

Can you say Spam? Can you spell Local DOMINATION?
(Not at all suggesting doing trying to get 4 spots like this, G should not allow it.)

Spammiest ugliest site on the planet!

G+ L page: https://plus.google.com/112989367764384381737/about?gl=us&hl=en

HEY WAIT! On G+L I kinda though you'd get dinged for LONG G+ spammy intro like that and all those intro KW links, but he ranks on top so??? What up Google???



This one is the opposite. Even better, because this guy does not seem to be trying hard to game Google. This one is UNDER-optimized, but still RANKS #1 in competitive market.

Plumber Milpitas, CA Ranks #1

Blogspot Site: Better Plumbing - Just name in title tag - Again TERRIBLE site. Not optimized well for local.

Nothing special on G+ https://plus.google.com/110374378179176076630/about?hl=en

Still ranks #1.

I think G LIKES Blogspot domains. Someone should test!

WOW if you didn't have to mess with re-designing client site
and instead just created a great looking companion Blogspot site...
Hmmm… think of the possibilities!

And if you did a GREAT site.
With GREAT optimization.
And got City + KW in both the title and URL.
I wonder what would happen???

My prediction... #1 with a BULLET!

Well something to think about or test anyway? :confused:

So Colan... how would this work for the situation you mentioned in this post?

What do you guys think? Tear apart and analyze the examples above.

Who wants to do a test case? Maybe a client who has a penalized web site you just can't get to rank?


David Deering

Forum Member
Nov 25, 2012
Interesting find, Linda. Google definitely favors one of its own. I only checked on the plumber in Milpitas, but he does have a good amount of citations, a decent amount of backlinks, and the only one in local SERPs that has any Google reviews, not to mention a few third-party reviews. So all of that combined with his Blogspot site is creating a pretty powerful listing for him. (Meanwhile, some poor plumber in Milpitas, California is on his knees right now unclogging some old lady's toilet and has no idea that several people on some online forum are analyzing his site and talking about him right now. lol)
Jun 28, 2012
(Meanwhile, some poor plumber in Milpitas, California is on his knees right now unclogging some old lady's toilet and has no idea that several people on an online forum are analyzing his site and talking about him right now. lol)
David! You just made me spew coffee all over my monitor! LOL :p

And thanks for the deeper analysis, like I said, stopped short and decided to let you guys dig in...

Citations and reviews don't seem to count much for ranking these days at least in blended since it seems it's mainly organic factors that rule the roost. But I had not checked BLs they could help too.
Aug 31, 2012
I have tested this Linda and Google most defintely favors blogspot. I have created the exact same simply content for two blogs, within one hour of each other. One site was blogspot and the other was wordpress.com. Both had minimal content and blogspot crush wordpress.com and ranked much higher, much quicker than I would thought would make sense. The blogspot site even outraks the Facebook account.

Now the question is... what do we do with this knowledge?

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