Recovering reviews that have been ported to another listing- help


Nov 11, 2019
Good morning,

I’m hoping you can help me.

I have a real estate client that operates 3 branches of their estate agency from one office address, until now they have rented one office space which each of the associates work out of.

Before I started working with them they had 3 GMB listings. But all listings were sharing the same telephone and address.

Because of the issues that this caused, they chose to amalgamate the listings into one and call it “XXX Estate Agents in Basingstoke, Hook & Tadley”- reviews were ported over.

One of the associates is now going to rent his own office space and wants to understand whether his deleted listing can be recovered or whether if we have to build a new listing would there be a way of porting certain reviews over so he’s not starting over with no reviews?

Thank you in advance



Local Search Expert
LocalU Faculty
Jul 27, 2017
You will need to create a new listing. You can have one main listing for the business and 3 listings for each realtor. I don’t see Google be able to move any of the reviews over to the new listing as they A. belong to the business and B. they won’t be able to differentiate the reviews between the two business.

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