Removing GMB Listing

Dec 20, 2018
Hi all!

I'm having an issue; we have a client that has a duplicate GMB listing. This listing is under the incorrect business name and wrong address.

I have regained access to this listing on behalf of the client and would like to remove this listing, however, following speaking to Google support they suggested we just set the business as permanently closed then remove from my account (which would just mean I lose access).

Should I just change the NAP to something completely irrelevant, unlink my website and set as closed, or is there a better way to have it actually removed?

Thanks in advance folks,


Phil Rozek

Local Search Expert
Jul 26, 2012
@CodefixerCorey, what Joy said. If for some reason Google won't mark your listing as "moved," I suggest removing the phone number and landing page URL, and marking it as "permanently closed."


Sep 4, 2016
Thanks Phil and @JoyHawkins, I appreciate the help! It's crazy that they don't just have a simple "Delete" button, eventually, GMB will likely be filled with closed businesses!
They used to, but it was abused (likely when people got bad reviews) so it's gone now.

You can also get them to merge the listing to a new location listing... sometimes it takes a few calls to get the right rep, but we've done it a few times now.

It's really rough to clean things up without a delete button - I wish they would let you delete a listing that didn't have reviews.

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