Responding to Questions & Answers

Niki Gross

Aug 14, 2019
According to the Google Maps Help document, when answering Questions posted to a GMB profile, phone numbers and email addresses are not allowed. If you are a registered GMB owner of a listing, you may post phone numbers in your answers.

For our particular business, if a customer reaches out regarding their service on a public forum, in many instances we need additional details that we request they send via email - and provide that email address in our response.

Is it truly against Google's guidelines for a GMB listing owner to respond and provide an email address? If so, how are others working with this restriction?

Yan Gilbert

Oct 15, 2016
Adding the relevant information for reference:

Phone numbers or email addresses: To help prevent advertising and spammy Q&A, we don’t allow phone numbers or email addresses. If you want to add an updated number or email address use the Report a problem link to report that information instead. Note: If you are a registered Google My Business owner of a listing, you may post phone numbers in your answers.

Have you tried responding with an email address to see if it gets filtered?
Can you direct them to your contact page where you have the email address listed?

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