Review Request - Business Card - Text optimization?


Sep 17, 2019
I would like to create a business card for a client with a review request to GMB and would like to brainstorm best heading + text. Any ideas on what to write to increase the conversion rate? This is what I´ve come up with so far.

  • Thank you
  • Thank you for choosing us
  • Reviews makes us smile / happy
  • Happy with your costumer service?

  • Give us 30s of your time to tell how we did
  • Your feedback is very important to us
  • Our team works hard for our customers every day
  • Your feedback helps us improve the experience for our costumers.
  • Your feedback not only helps us, it helps other potential customers.
  • Your opinion means the world to us. Help us to improve and keep providing amazing service for you and future customers.
  • We need your help. As a small local business these reviews keep us alive. It only takes 2 minutes and we could really use your help.


Local Search Expert
Oct 23, 2017
You've done a great job coming up with copy. I suppose the only true answer lies in testing each one against the other.

I tend to look at the problem this way—if I'm going to invest time/energy into getting someone more reviews... what is the MOST effective way to do that.

That said, is the client opposed to using a software solution?

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