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Mar 8, 2019
What criteria determines which reviews get shown in the review summary snippets? There are usually three reviews, often they are truncated, and aren't very complementary of the business.

Here is an example - the third one has been sitting there for years now, even though the business has many positive reviews showing in the meantime.


Mar 28, 2019
This is from Google:
Types of business summaries on Google Maps - Google My Business Help

Review snippets are algorithmically selected quotes from Google users that provide information on the keywords most mentioned by reviewers.

You can see the most common words and phrases associated with a business in bold. Under each snippet, you’ll see the number of other users who have mentioned those terms in their reviews.


Also, for me, most of the reviewers shown came from Level 5 or 6 Reviewers or folks with the most reviews - who used the right keywords. (Possible formula - most frequently used keywords, used by top contributors)?

I wonder if one could encourage customers to use the bold words to and hope that one of the new ones appears? (Of note, I did not see the "number of users" who mentioned those terms in my listings).

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