Rich Snippets QA Google Hangout Friday

Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012
Have questions about Rich Snippets? This guy has answers...

Pierre Far from Google UK is doing a live Google hangout Friday specifically to answer questions about rich snippets and the brand new Google rich snippets guidelines I mentioned in another post a couple weeks ago.

The Event will be at 1:30 UK time, 8:30 AM EST. But since it's "on air" I assume it will be recorded so hopefully you can catch it later as well.

Pierre is using Google Moderator to collect questions in advance he can cover in the hangout.

There are some great Qs that Local Search Forum Members likely would be interested in hearing the answer to. Here are a couple particularly relevant to local search.

"Specifically, where in the html should the schema markup go? Also, is it a bad idea to use a business organization/location schema markup in the footer for a website? Would that information be better placed on a location page or an "about" page?"

"Review stars showed in SERP using, but they no longer display on most results. What's the guidelines on using the aggregate rating, and where can I find the guidelines to read?"

"Even after verifying all G+ author aspects like email, domain everything.. why there is no photo in search results after one month?"

So add any questions you want him to cover. I assume the Q list will grow by Friday and that after the Hangout, answers will be written there, so check back, at the link above, to see what he has to say.

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