SAB - change address from virtual office?

Tony Wang

Oct 13, 2014
I have a new client that was using a virtual office for GMB, he does remodeling. It was showing before, but then he hid the address before I came on. Now there is no address on the listing at all, so my question is, should I even bother changing the address to his actual business address, which is just his home?

Before the changes last fall, the hidden address still had significance in matching NAP with your citations, but now I'm wondering what value it holds? Hard to believe Google just ignores the address, even if they delete it from the profile, so I'm inclined to update the address, even though it means I'll have to re-verify.

Furthermore, I'm curious why Google even cares if you use a virtual address anymore if there's no address on the listing?

Any insights?


Local Search Expert
Sep 12, 2012
Good advice.

My only concern would be "if it's not broke don't fix it". How well is he ranking already?