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'See outside' photo not representative of clients actual location

Nov 28, 2018

My clients 'See outside' photo on his Knowledge Panels is in no way representative of his actual location and it doesn't seem - having had a few discussions with reps at Google My Biz - that there's a short term solution to this, which is baffling to me.

the fireplace company - Google Search

Google tell me I either have to wait for the street view van to com round again (they sadly didn't get to his location last time) - which isn't going to be soon - or I can upload my own image using the App (but that won't replace what's there currently).

I'm sure I can't be the only one experiencing this and finding it extremely frustrating.

My client has a two-storey showroom (attached) and the see outside image is a residential street somewhere.

Does anyone know of a way around this?

I'm at a loss.

You'd think Google might be able to swop the image for a better one in instances like this, right?

I look forward to thoughts.



Jul 18, 2012
Hey Nathan,

I have a section on this in my Local SEO training so I'll copy and paste it here. Let me know if it solves the issue. I'm thinking option one (moving the pin) *should* fix it.

If Street View in the Knowledge Panel is inaccurate or shows an empty parking lot vs. your building, there are a few things you can do to adjust it.
  • Go into Google My Business and see if the pin is off. Click satellite view to get a more accurate view of where the pin is in relation to your building. Keep in mind that if you edit something related to the map, it generally takes a week before you’ll see the update reflect on Google search. Don’t be surprised if your knowledge panel doesn’t update instantly.
  • Consider hiring a Google Trusted Photographer. The inside tour replaces Street View in the Knowledge Panel.
  • If the view of your building is outdated because it’s changed since Google last drove by with their Street View car, you can see when Google is scheduled to drive by next by checking their schedule here.
Nov 28, 2018
Thanks for this Joy, I've just moved the pin as you suggest, so will let you know fyi if this solves the issue or not. I should have said in my opening gambit that this was in fact the other option the Google My Biz rep suggested.

Thanks again.



Forum Member
Nov 7, 2016
@JoyHawkins Hi Joy, I have a client that is experiencing the same issue.

1. We've moved the pin slightly (it is in the correct position) but it is showing an unideal streetview thumbnail with a car blocking the front signage.
2. We've hired a trusted photographer and have an inside tour available in Google Maps however the KP streetview thumbnail still will not update.

Any other suggestions?
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