SERP checker using geo-cordinates

Nov 28, 2018

Does anyone know of a tool, prerefably a free one, that allows you to check a SERP using geo-cordinates rather than typing the name of a town, city or post/zip code?



Jul 15, 2019
If you are talking about changing your location to see the SERP in that place, the Google Chrome DevTool has that feature. And it's free!!! You just need the Chrome browser.

1. On chrome, press F12 or Ctrl+Shift+I (I usually do this in Incognito Mode) to open the DevTools.
2. From the DevTools, you should see the Console Drawer from the bottom of the window. If not, just click "Esc" and it should appear.

3. Open the "Sensors" Tool. If you can't see it, open it from the "More Tools" menu and select "Sensors".

4. Click the dropdown button and click "Other"
5. Enter your Coordinates (See below on how to get coordinates). Your location is set. We just need to allow Location Services to your browser.

6. On your browser, go to
7. Click on the "View Site Information" (Lock Icon) beside the URL address

8. Beside "Location" set it to "Allow"
9. A banner should show asking you to Reload. Click "Reload"
10. To test, search for "where am i" and it should show your SERP location. And that's it.

How to get random coordinates from a city/town:
1. Go to google maps and search for the town or city you want your SERPs from.
2. Click on any random street (I use the center of the town/city)

3. At the bottom, it should show the Latitude & Longitude

You can also preset your location so you don't have to enter the coordinates every time. Let me know if you are interested and I can include those steps as well (or just google it).

I hope this helps you and the others (*whisper coz I spent at least 10 minutes on it. Hahaha).
Nov 28, 2018
Many thanks for this, it sounds like this is exactly what I need. I'll give it a whirl. Thanks again for your time.

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