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SoLoMo - Mobile & Local Search Content Takeover at #SEW

Jun 28, 2012
Search Engine Watch recently did a Mobile & Local Search Content Takeover.
An intensive 3 days of local and mobile search focused articles.

Instead of copying a synopsis of all the articles, I decided to create a gif showing you the best ones.
Click the gif or the link below to see them all!

Here is the full line up. There are several posts I thought you guys would be interested in...

<ul><li>Pigeon focus: Understanding Google's local search algorithm and what it means for you</li>
<li>Social and local SEO: How can social media help local SEO? How to leverage social for SEO purposes? How can social media and mobile SEO work together? </li>
<li>Yelp and SEO: Can Yelp help businesses rank higher in search results? If so, should every business establish a presence on the search directory?</li>
<li>Location strategy: Personalization, tagging, and context</li>
<li>Google+ Local: What does it really mean and how can it help your business?</li>
<li>Maximizing reach with Google map listings and location-based advertising</li>
<li>Optimizing mobile search for apps vs. mobile</li>
<li>Responsive design vs. mobile sites</li>
<li>Cross-device mobile search - from phone to tablet</li>
<li>Does Google penalize mobile sites? </li>
<li>Leveraging location data to personalize and target results </li>
<li>Spotlight on: Steve Liu, director of SEO at Tribal DDB</li>
<li>Wearables and local search: Key new opportunities for marketers</li>
See all posts here: <a href="http://searchenginewatch.com/tag/sew-content-takeover-mobile-local-search">SEW Content Takeover: Mobile & Local Search</a>

Happy reading!

P.S. Gif created with the new free software I'm playing with in preparation for a special Local Search treat I'll be sharing tomorrow. So stay tuned to the Local Search Channel... :)

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Jun 28, 2012
And here is the COOL free software I used to record the gif above.

AND the special Local Search treat I promised...

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