Some Local SEO tips for ranking in London?


Jul 21, 2017
Hello everyone. First I must say that I love this forum and I read it every day to stay up to date with Local SEO. Now about my dilemma. I hope you can give me some advices. I have a client with 2 locations in East and North London and he wants Local and organic optimization for these areas. The business is service area based and does not accept clients at the locations. What I am doing is creating 2 listings for each area with different phones and Company name (CN + LOC1 and CN + LOC2). The client has 1 site and I created location pages for each listing with different schema markup, but also additional pages for the Boroughs he serves. Additionally I am optimizing with service pages for each service (for organic search) and the homepage for all the services(kws). Aside from that there will be hell of a citation and link building for both locations. Do you think this optimization will get results and what would you do differently?

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