Spam Gone Wild in Bali

Jul 19, 2012
It seems business owners in Bali think they're pretty smart to game the local system. So far Google is letting them get away with it.

A search for Mt Batur Trekking Guides (these are tour companies that take tourists to hike up a local volcano) will render a bunch of outfits. If you check the Maps, they all have the same keyword stuffed names, but if you check the websites, you can see their name is something else entirely. They've clearly figured out that putting the keyword in the title of their name helps them to rank well and Google wont do anything about it.

One company has called itself Mt Batur Sunrise Trekking and has set up fake offices all over the island, allowing their local listings to occupy the top 3 or 4 spots for many keyword searches that include sunrise treks to Mt Batur. Their business name is actually accurate, but their business locations are fake. Again, they've evaded any Google spam filter.

Granted, it's a big Web and Google can't possibly control every market in every corner of the world. I wonder how many other places are spammed to smitherenes like Bali. I would think webspam updates would apply worldwide, but it doesn't appear that way in Bali.

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