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Jun 28, 2012
Disclaimer: This is not my newsletter; it is put out by Wordfence. I am not an affiliate of any kind and I receive no compensation whatsoever for recommending it or publicizing it. I just find it highly useful.

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I do use the Wordfence firewall plugin on all my WordPress sites and highly recommend it for blocking hacking attempts and other malicious activity, and for very quickly blocking any security vulnerabilities as they become known. Again, I am not an affiliate and I receive no compensation for mention it in posts or anywhere else. But I can honestly say that I would not run or host a WordPress site that did not include the Wordfence plugin.

For example, the threat described at Websites, Software, and Security | Local Search Forum was discovered on April 9, 2019, newsletter subscribers were notified on April 10, and by that time Wordfence had already been updated to thwart any attempts to exploit the attempt.