Suite Naming Conventions for Google Places


Aug 7, 2017
I'm working with a restaurant that has a separate business behind their address which is a farm. The farm has a different name and sells direct to the public, but in creating their Google Places listings I'd like to differentiate the two businesses using the same address with a "suite" number. Obviously, "Suite 200" for a farm doesn't make sense, so is there a better way of naming a farm attached with the same address?

Your Local Farm
Plot A
YourTown, PA 17055
Oct 25, 2013
I haven't seen the suite number change a thing when it comes to filtering and shared addresses and such. I think that's mainly a strategy less informed business owners use to avoid trouble. Here's what you should actually do:

Have two different phone numbers for both businesses. Ideally, it should be very obvious physically that you have two businesses... having 'separate entrances' is part of Google's Guidelines, and it does seem to help.

"Restaurant" and "Farm" are radically different categories. That'll work in your favor. Make sure no categories overlap in the two GMB profiles. Last, make sure both are pointing to different pages, either different sections of the same site, or two completely different sites. You shouldn't run into trouble, but if you do, head to the Google My Business forum and one of the TCs will help you get things straightened out.