"Temporarily closed" how would affect my business?

Belen C

Mar 20, 2019
Hi! hope everyone is doing good.

In our agency we are still considering whether to mark the business as temporarily closed or not.
We manage the listings for hotels, and we don't have many options. I been searching randoms hotels all over and no one is mark closed.

Does anyone knows on how it would affect the ranking? We have a particular situation of one client which recently got reinstate some listings (after a hard suspension) and have some spam/duplicate locations (some even with thousand of reviews). As my listing got reinstate in the middle of this craziness i was (still) not able to contact Google support to merge them.
Marking my business as closed, it would start giving more relevance to the duplicate right?

The services available for hotels is very limit, i hope Google realize this and give us the option to create posts!

Any advice is appreciated :)



Local Search Expert
LocalU Faculty
Jul 27, 2017
When this feature first rolled out I was seeing a negative impact on rankings. I am no longer seeing any harm to listings being marked as temporarily closed.

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