The Local Link Building Mega Jackpot! From Mike Ramsey & WhiteSpark

Linda Buquet

Jun 28, 2012

The Local Link Building Mega Jackpot

Some of you may have seen these posts last week, but I wanted to share them both here for those that may have missed them. They are solid gold!

Mike Ramsey from Nifty Marketing, shares his slide deck from last week's Mozcon Local and lays out TONS of great link building tips:

<a href="">The Ultimate List of Local Link Building Ideas and Tactics - Nifty</a>

Last week Jesse Low also did a great post at the WhiteSpark blog:

<a href="">How to Find Opportunities for Local Link Building</a>

Pick up any great new tips?

What was your fav???



Forum Member
Sep 27, 2012
I tried to edit my above post but couldn't find a way to edit my post.

I've had an opportunity to read the articles and they provide some great ideas and information. Great share!

When it came to backlinks I've always practiced quality over quantity. I get the impression that these articles take the approach of quantity over quality, which is understandable in local. I'm not doubting the data in the articles but being as though the organic algo/rankings influence the local algo/rankings, I'm trying to understand why it appears they are pushing more over quality? Am I missing something obvious?

Tim Colling

Local Search Expert
Sep 3, 2014
Maybe this comment is a bit "curmudgeonly", but that first article, "The Ultimate List of Local Link Building Ideas and Tactics - Nifty", is formatted in a way that makes it hard to read "efficiently". At least it seems that way to me. The way they present the information, it takes a LOT of scrolling to get through it, as least I think so.

Anyone else agree with me, or am I just being unreasonably grumpy this morning? ;)
Oct 25, 2013
Not how I'd format it, but it beats having to watch through an hour long webinar with a pen and paper handy, if all you're wanting to do is brainstorm.

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